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Creedence Fluff

Creedence Fluff

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Our shower fluffs are not to be missed! They’re silky soft and smooth!

Our Man Fluff is scented in our ever famous Creedence scent. 

A little goes a long way and we recommend using with a puff for extra foamy fun, also makes it last longer as you only need a very small amount.

Packed full of skin loving properties and added apricot oil for the perfect lather and silky soft feeling. Can even be all over body, We’ve also used this as a shampoo (feels lush) and a shaving whip. Silky smooth legs. (Please always do a strand test to avoid staining) 

Our fluffs come in 3 beautiful scents -
Man Fluff - Creedence

Mermaid Fluff - Lovely Spell

Unicorn - Snow Fae

Each fluff comes in a 250ml PET Jar (better for the environment than glass) 

Each Fluff contains approx 120g in each jar